Features of rotary furnace

1. Trolley-style baking, the whole trolley roll in and out, which is large in quantity, time-saving and labor-saving, the product color is consistent, and the taste is good.

2. The special air duct design ensures sufficient convection and uniform temperature distribution in the furnace. The three-stage adjustable air outlet is adapted to the special requirements of different products and different seasons for baking quality

3. It is equipped with an automatic ventilation mechanism, which sucks the hot air when the door is opened, which can effectively prevent the hot air from blowing on the face and hurting people

4. The special design of the outer inclined plate of the furnace can make the door open and close automatically up and down, taking into account the requirements of the trolley in and out and the sealing temperature;

5. Compared with the layer furnace of the same output, it saves space, energy and manpower

6. Three-layer insulation design, less heat loss

7. Two wind speed design, fast and slow, so that when the oven is baking different foods, the hot air circulation speed is selected to achieve the harmonization of the baking speed and quality

8. When the door is opened, the turntable will automatically position and stop, which can facilitate the entry and exit of the trolley; after the door is closed, it will automatically run, which can improve the operating efficiency.

9. Equipped with a timing function, which is convenient to control the automatic control of the baking time

10. The heating system, transmission system, exhaust system, fast and slow wind motor system all have abnormal monitoring devices. When the system is abnormal, the operation interface is clear at a glance

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