Four main points for baking bread in deck oven

1. Baking operation

After entering the baking oven, due to the influence of heat, the gas pressure inside the dough increases, causing the dough to expand to the limit again. At this time, the dough is in a state of gas expansion, and the surface of the dough will quickly form a layer of skin during instantaneous production. At this time, the volume of the dough is fixed and cannot be increased anymore, and then gradually the surface color develops and becomes darker.

  When baking, the baker should turn the baking tray according to the uniformity of the color, so that the color of the bread in the baking tray becomes a whole, so as to prevent the dough from shaking and affecting the network structure of the bread.

   2. The temperature is too high

   If the baking temperature is too high, the coloring of the dough will be faster, the volume of the bread will be limited, and the skin will be easily burnt. If taken out early to avoid scorching, the inside of the bread is usually immature.

   3. Insufficient temperature

The bread that is baked due to insufficient temperature will be colored slowly due to the long baking time. In addition to the pale color, the baked bread will also evaporate more water, and a thick crust will form on the surface. The bread is dry and lacks normal elasticity. Scum. It completely loses the softness that bread should have.

   At the same time, the appearance of the bread cannot show a beautiful golden yellow. The slow coloring of the bread surface leads to an increase in the elasticity of the bread, which leads to an increase in the elasticity of the bread, which leads to the excessive expansion of the bread, the internal structure is particularly rough, and the quality of the bread varies from variety to variety.

   4, temperature and time

   In principle, the heavier the weight, the larger the volume (not over-fermented) or the higher the composition, the harder the dough, the lower the baking temperature, the longer the baking time, and the smaller the volume. The lower, softer dough has a higher baking temperature and a shorter baking time.

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