Full automatic biscuit production line

The biscuit machine can be used with tunnel ovens, tunnel chain ovens, tunnel hand push ovens, and hot air rotary ovens.

The working principle of the biscuit machine

The biscuit machine is composed of two parts: a mold forming system and a tray chain conveying system, which are driven by a speed-regulating motor, and the production speed can be adjusted.

The molding system is equipped with a feeding roller, a mold roller and a rubber roller. The prepared biscuit dough is put into the hopper, and is squeezed by the feeding roller and the mold roller to form a Cookies billet, which is then dragged by the rubber roller. The canvas belt conveys the Cookies billet to the baking pan. The tray transfer chain is driven by a speed-regulating motor, and the spacing of the biscuit billet on the trays can be determined according to the production needs. In addition, the biscuit machine is also equipped with multiple adjustment mechanisms in the structure: canvas tensioning and deflection adjustment mechanism, splitting knife left and right and up and down adjustment mechanisms, canvas sticky material cleaning and scraping mechanism, feeding gap adjustment mechanism, etc.

This machine has reasonable design, safe and reliable use, and is an ideal machine for the production of biscuits and pastries.

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