Rotary bread rack oven

Hot air rotary furnace heating sources generally have electric, diesel and gas type, in addition to diesel and electricity combined type and coal burning type.

According to the size of the output divided into 12, 16, 22, 32, 64 trays.

According to the type of cart, there are platform or hook type, single cart, double cart.

According to the control mode, there are traditional instrument control, intelligent PLC touch screen control, dual mode control and so on.

Its material appearance and furnace interior are all stainless steel.

It can be shipped as a whole machine or sent in bulk and installed on site.

Hot air rotary oven can be used to dry and bake all kinds of bread, cake, meat products and a variety of pastries and pasta.Widely used in food factory, bakery, office, unit, department DUI canteen, hot air rotary furnace is also suitable for individual food processing plant, cake room, cake house food baking.

Hot-sale model NST-GE32 video 

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