Vertical dough mixer and horizontal dough kneading machine, which is better?

The kneading machine is a type of pasta machinery, and its function is to mix flour and water evenly. There are vacuum type kneading machines and non-vacuum kneading kneading machines, which are divided into horizontal type, vertical type, single shaft, double shaft, half shaft and so on.

Vertical type mixing dough is very exquisite, suitable for making pastry and bread, and the machine is easy to operate and clean.

Horizontal kneading dough is generally rough, suitable for making steamed buns, and the kneading efficiency is high.

Horizontal kneading machine is difficult to fully expand the gluten due to its slow mixing speed and different physical effects. Therefore, it is usually used by pressing the noodle machine to help the gluten combination. Vertical kneading machine/can also be understood as a mixer. Its mixing speed and mechanical structure can directly make gluten fully expanded during mixing.

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