What are essential baking equipment ?

For a retail bakery shop, what kind of oven suitable, depend on your products.

If you are a artisan bakery, you will need a deck oven. This kind of oven have several chambers, each deck separated controlled and the top and bottom temperature also controlled individually.

In different deck bake different products at the same time.  

Deck ovens use conduction heat baking, the heat travels directly from stone or deck to the bread or baking trays being baked, and also deck oven use utilizes infrared heat waves to penetrate into the bread.

Convection ovens are insulated boxes, just like any oven. Have different capacity, 5 trays, 8 trays, 10 trays, or 12 trays models. They have a fan in the back,the heat in a convection oven is circulated by fans, which creates an even distribution of the heat in the oven and around your food.A convection oven can bake the bread up to 25 percent faster and at a lower temperature than a traditional oven. Convection oven no need preheat before baking. These benefits save you time and may lower your energy costs.

Convection oven is good for following products,

Artisan breads, pizza, crispy skin roast chicken, dry fruits and vegetables, biscuits and scones,

And if turn of fan, convection oven could baking quick breads, cupcakes and wet muffin batters, loaf, sandwich breads or sweet yeast baking.

If you are a industrial bake plant, rotary rack oven or tunnel oven is good option.

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