What is a dough sheeter?

Dough sheeter used widely when making pastries, it’s a good helper for baker to flatten dough into sheets, for croissant, pizza crusts, pie crusts, tortillas,etc.

There are two different type, semi-auto type and full automatic type, semi-auto type has small table top one for small bakery shop, it could put on the table, save space, and stand dough sheeter. Full automatic type with PLC control system.

Use dough sheeter laminating dough, adjust the thickness as needs. Semi-auto type manual adjust the thickness, step by step setting less thickness by the handle.

If full automatic type could be more convenient, the desired thickness set in advanced, and it could adjusting automatically step by step.

For semi-auto type dough sheeter price, around US$1500-2000 could buy one made in China dough sheeter exclude delivery cost. Automatic type about US$7500-12000 the price is very different when the manufacturer adopt different brand components, if you want to know more information about dough sheeter, please contact with us.

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