100 KG Flour Luxury Spiral Mixer Commercial Large Capacity Powerful Dough Mixer

The dough mixer series simulates the manual kneading system, with high-power mixing, which can accurately control the intensity and time, and can press, knead, and turn the dough at a slow speed and vigorously. The machine works in manual and automatic cycles with two programmable timers, saving time, effort and hands.





The performance of the turning cylinder and dough mixer:
1. Emergency stop safety button
2. The work can be controlled by manual switch and automatic flip switch, there are two speeds, and there are programmable timers
3. The main body of the kneading machine is a steel structure, and the core components, spiral arms, protective nets and bowls are all made of stainless steel
Four, three motors
5. External pulley drive
Six, spiral large barrel
Seven, two electronic timers
Eight, suitable for bakeries and cake shops, can shorten the working time

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Dimensions170 × 165 × 165 cm
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