12kg flour bread making machine dough mixing equipment 30L

Specified voltage220V/50Hz
Speified power1.1KW
Mixing speed185r/min
Bowel capacity35L
Bowel speed15r/min
Production12kg  powder
Tub  thickness2.0mm
Net weight91kg


The dough mixer series simulates the manual kneading system, with high-power mixing, which can accurately control the intensity and time, and can press, knead, and turn the dough at a slow speed and vigorously. The machine works in manual and automatic cycles with two programmable timers, saving time, effort and hands.
The metal parts that come into contact with the food are all made of stainless steel, with single-speed and double-speed options, hard gear transmission, durability, high efficiency and low failure rate. Motor overload protection switch, safe and secure, brand motor, stable performance and low noise.
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Additional information

Weight120 kg
Dimensions90 × 55 × 99 cm
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