Bakery Machine 3 Deck 6 Trays Pizza Baking Oven

Temperature : room temp.~300℃
Capacity : 3 layers 3 trays
The front is s/s 201, otherside is powder spraying




1. Use far-infrared metal electric heating tube for heating, fast heating speed, uniform temperature, and energy saving

2. Furnace temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 50℃-300℃, convenient operation and stable performance

3. The overheating protection device can cut off the power at all poles when the temperature is over, safe and reliable

4. The use range of the dual structure of the bracket and the bottom plate is greatly increased

5. The tension spring type semi-automatic furnace door is flexible to open, tightly closed and durable.

6. The use of a pressure thermostat can work at a very low voltage, and the electrical performance is not affected by voltage fluctuations

7. With anti-explosion protection eye protection lamp

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