Baking deck oven with proofer bakery equipment

Specified voltage220V/50Hz
Temperature rangeroom temperature-400
Grill layers1 layers×2=2tray
Overall size1220*850*1520mm
Packing size1320*900*1620mm
Net weight120kg
Materialstainless steel
Dish demension400*600mm


1. Material: The front of the fuselage is made of 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate, and the other three side plates are galvanized plates, thickened insulation layer, aluminosilicate cotton, high temperature decomposition resistance, good insulation, strong heat resistance, more sealing, energy saving and environmental protection, The furnace is made of food-grade aluminized plate with fast heat transfer, which conducts heat evenly, making baked food safe and easy to use, and the bottom plate is an iron plate, which is not easy to deform.
2. The panel adopts mechanical digital control, layered independent control, the upper and lower heating of each layer is independently controlled, the temperature control accuracy is high, the setting and operation are simple, and each layer has a timer
3. Double-layer tempered glass, good sight, easy to observe the baking situation; 4. Frosted handle, no heat transfer, no high temperature, no hot hands.


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Additional information

Weight160 kg
Dimensions132 × 90 × 162 cm
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