Cheap restaurant use small dough sheeter dough pressing machine

Speicified voltage220V~380v/50HZ
Speicified powder3kw
Roller speed79rpm
Roller length118*490mm
Roller range5–25
Overall size880*700*1380mm
Packing size980*800*1580mm
Net weight300kg


1. The automatic dough pressing machine is composed of main frame, transmission, transportation folded part, plowing parts.

2. The dough sheeter presser uses chain as a drive transmission, with smooth transmission, low noise.

3. This dough pressing machine has automatic folding function,high efficiency, labor saving.

4. The roller has three parts. Upper roller, down roller, and adjustable roller. It’s easy to operate and maintenance.

5. This dough pressing machine can be used together with tortilla bread machine, pizza sheeter machine, chin chin machine, noodles machine, etc.


Working principle

Put some mixed dough onto the conveyor belt, start the machine, automatically the dough is delivered into the rollers,under the role of conveyor and roller,the dough automatically feed and pressed. After pressed, the dough is transferred into the upper conveyor from down conveyor, because of the different running speeds, make the dough automatically folding and transport, feed, turn to the next process. After repeated rubbing pressure to achieve the desired pressure effect. Roll gap adjustment is via a turbine deputy and eccentric mechanism to realize step-less thickness, the user can grasp the actual situation and pasta process.


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Additional information

Weight340 kg
Dimensions98 × 80 × 158 cm
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