Commercial Automatic Tabletop Automatic Dumpling Empanadas Gyoza Pizza Wonton Dough Skin Wrapper Making Machine

Model NO.NST-120
CapacityAbout 60pcs/min.


Features of the new dumpling wrapper machine

  1. Roll arrangement, chain sprocket transmission,
  2. Automatic dough feeding and molding, save time and labor. Simple operation and convenient repair. Automatic dough return, fast production speed.
  3. The size of the dumpling skin is adjustable, could produce different size dumpling.
  4. Using the multi-roller one-time molding principle, the size and thickness of the dumpling skin are uniform, so that the finished dumplings is almost in the same size.
  5. In addition to the production of dumpling skins, this machine can also produce steamed buns, wonton skins, etc.  It has a wide range of applications and complete functions.

Suitable for producing a variety of delicious pasta

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Additional information

Weight80 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 50 cm
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