High quality continuous automatic fast dough pressing machine dough roller

Dough capacity10-15kg
Thickness adjustment10-30mm


It is one of machine in production line, to make dough stretchy and soft by continuous repeat pressing, suitable for a wide range of food, like: white bread, toast, baguette, cake, pastry, pastry, glutinous rice roll, scallion pancake, hot dog bread, steamed stuffed bun (meat or vegetable or others), etc.

stainless steel outer case, food grade rubber for rollers.


1. Machine operation can be manual or automatic.
2. To replace manual pressing but carry over manual flavour and stretchy
3. Simple operation, no need special technical knowledge.
4. Equipped with sprinkler, automatically sprinkle on dough surface, sprinkle quantity is adjustable by setting.
5. Equipped with barriers for safety protection.
6. Automatic stop working when set pressing time is up.
7. Emergency switch is equipped for operation safety protection.
8. No sanitary corner to enhance food safety and easy cleaning.
9. Dough sheet can be taken out during machine working in automatic mode by pressing “take out” button.
10. Machine foot wheels assist in easy moving. Feet can be adjusted up/down to stand flat by screwing.


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Additional information

Weight700 kg
Dimensions170 × 120 × 150 cm
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