Intelligent liquid packaging machine one-key operation liquid filling machine

Bag length50-150mm50-250mm50-150mm
Bag width65-150mm65-175mm65-150mm
Film width150-320mm150-380mm130-300mm
Bag capacity50-500ml200-1000ml50-500ml
Packing speed19-22bags/min.19-22bags/min.19-22bags/min.
voltage220V/AC 50Hz220V/AC 50Hz220V/AC 50Hz
Seal styleBack sealingBack sealingSide sealing


Intelligent liquid packaging machine brand new intelligent one-key operation


  1. Automatic measurement, automatic packaging, automatic sealing, automatic bag cutting, automatic printing
  2. Using copper high temperature cloth to conduct heat, high temperature resistant bag making is easy to release the film at one time
  3. Can add color ribbon coding machine, high-quality steel stamp, multi-line date, a wide range of coding content, such as 2021 01 20, 20210112HK, 2023 01 19
  4. High-quality suction metering pump, fast suction to meet the needs of rapid industrial production, with a check valve device, no return after shutdown
  5. Using high-performance motor, imported pure copper motor, durable, safe and stable, strong speed
  6. The appearance is simple and beautiful, made of 304 stainless steel, moisture-proof and rust-proof
  7. The packaging machine is equipped with a cursor locator, which is sensitive and makes the packaging size uniform.
  8. Liquid crystal display screen, high-end atmosphere, microcomputer control the automatic process of packaging, making the operation easier


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