Right-angle cake cabinet refrigerated display cabinet commercial milk tea shop bar counter cabinet


Dimension 1200x650x1200mm

Rated voltage 220/50Hz

Power 620W

Capacity 300L

Weight 120kg

Refrigerant R134A

Temperature range 0-8(℃)



  1. Led energy-saving lighting, high-brightness lighting inside the cake cabinet enhances the display effect
  2. There are cooling holes on the back and side of the fuselage, the heat dissipation area is large and the heat dissipation is faster
  3. The temperature control adjustment setting is simple, and it is equipped with a display, so the temperature can be seen at a glance
  4. Thickened shelf, sturdy and durable, can withstand more food

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Additional information

Weight160 kg
Dimensions130 × 750 × 1300 cm
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