Stainless steel rack trolley 16 layers 16 trays

Grill layers16layers32tray
Overall size820*670*1700mm
Layer space95mm
Net weight40KG


1.We can provide various models of stainless steel frame carts, materials are SS403, SS304
2.All kinds of trolleys are detachable design, each trolley is packaged in two pieces during delivery and transportation, which is easy to assemble, easy to transport, and saves freight.
3.The casters are made of food material, thickened and resistant to high temperature and friction, and the temperature can reach 300 ℃
4.The casters are smooth and not easy to scratch the floor
5.The casters are flexible and smooth, more labor-saving, more effective to improve work efficiency, save labor and labor time
6.Casters are easy to install

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Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions60 × 180 × 30 cm
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